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Ostin Technology Group Announces Major Product Upgrade to Pintura Photo Sharing Product

Release time: 2023-11-30

Nanjing, China, Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Ostin Technology Group Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: OST), a supplier of display modules and polarizers in China, today announces new upgrade to its photo sharing product, Pintura. The new upgrades will elevate user experience with improvements to both Pintura’s hardware and software system. The Company plans to launch the upgraded Pintura product at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early 2024, which is also expected to be available for purchase through short-video platforms.

Pintura product has recently undergone a remarkable and elegant transformation, unveiling a sleek new round-corner product design. In addition to its aesthetic upgrade, the new model is noticeably lighter than its predecessor, dropping from 4.6kg to 3.5kg.

The new Pintura product standouts with its new interactive whiteboard function. By introducing this remarkable addition, we are offering users a digital canvas that encourages spontaneous creativity. Users now have the freedom to use whiteboard markers to sketch, jot down notes, or artistically express themselves on the device’s surface. A simple swipe resets the surface, making it blank for new inspirations or ideas. The new Pintura product will push the boundaries of traditional digital displays by encouraging boundless personalization and dynamic self-expression.

Pintura has also significantly increased its local storage capacity from its previous generation’s 6 images to 50 images. This enhancement provides Pintura users with balance between minimalist design and efficient local photo playback. The increased local storage capacity to 50 images, curated to meet daily display needs, is further complemented by the integration of cloud storage solutions. By integrating cloud storage, Pintura empowers users to expand their photo collection beyond fixed internal memory in electronic photo frames, enabling them to create extensive and securely stored photo albums on the cloud.

Moreover, Pintura's addition of WiFi function empowers users to upload images from any location with this extended connectivity feature. This feature ensures a seamless and uninterrupted photo-sharing experience, redefining the concept of capturing and sharing cherished memories. With a simple tap of a button, users can also seamlessly transfer album contents to their tablet. These groundbreaking upgrades to Pintura enhance the user experience by offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility in photo storage and display.

With its resplendent 2K high-resolution screen, Pintura radiates vibrancy and lifelike realism. It unlocks new dimensions of visual storytelling, empowering users to explore and reinvent their narratives.

"We are dedicated to providing our users with the best possible experience, and these hardware and software enhancements reflect our commitment to innovation and convenience," said Mr. Tao Ling, CEO and Chairman of Ostin Technology Group Co. "With Pintura's refined design, we are confident that users will enjoy an unparalleled stylish photo sharing journey. We also value aftersales user experience, which encourages us to continuously invest in product research and development. And we will continue our goal to improve the way people curate and share their precious moments."

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